Daily Chest: Street Beat.

Lucky Kat’s Beat Street – featured today on the UK App store – does some subtly cool things with its daily chests:


Same as usual right? Well…
Scrolling through the upcoming days means I can see what’s coming up, it establishes an itch in the user right there – Day 1 – and uses it to frame notifications in a nicer-than-usual way.
I quite like this. The experience is:

  • I open a chest… I can see another just off to the right.
  • I get my stuff. Cool. Now I know what I get from chests.
  • There’s a bigger one on day 2 – the game tells me “come back tomorrow for a bigger chest”, and moves straight to the next one, centering it in view. The one I just opened is cast aside – tomorrow’s is presented and established as my focus. Sure, I want that. I can see Day 3 now too.
  • A *game character* – a Mr. Miyagi sensei dude who’s already helped me in the tutorial (see below) – says “notifications are helpful here”.
  • The game asks if I want notifications. I agreed.
  • Now I can scroll to have a look at 7 days’ worth of stuff, each day getting bigger and better. Sure, I want all of those.

Some good things here:

  • I’m getting that itch up front.
  • It’s day 1 and I’m already looking at and thinking about Day 7 stuff.
  • Because that seed’s been planted – because I already want the stuff – the notifications authorisation message seems less like a barrier and more like a helping-hand.
  • Although this is called ‘Daily Chest’, it’s not presented as a list. I’m just shown some cool stuff in a ‘game-ish’ context. It all feels a little bit more game than ‘meta’.

Yeah, this works.






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